1. Bhatia's Battery of Performance Test of intelligence

 2. Directed Observation Board with Questionnaire and key

 3. Concept formation cards

 4. Span of Attention: Tachistoscope with cards

 5. Electrical division of attention box with set of reset counters

 6. Electrical distraction of Attention Box

 7. Mullerlyer illusion Board with stands

 8. Horizantal Vertical Illusion Board with stands

 9. Koh's Block

10. Progressive weight illusion Box (10 Wts.)

11. Electrical Suggestion of Warm Test Apparatus

12. Concept formation blocks: Concept information for height, size, color and shape

13. Electrical steadiness tester with reset counter with grip dynameter

14. Problem solving: Tower of London Test

15. Electrical mirror Drawing apparatus (metal Star) with counter

16. Pass-A-Long Test

17. Air Puff apparatus with chin Rest

18. Mirror drawing apparatus for printed stars

19. Tweezer dexterity board with tweezer and pins

20. Finger dexterity board with pins

21. Habit Interference Board With Cards

22. Backround on colour preference

23. Wooden screen

24. Stop Watch Racer Electronic Digital


25. Mental Fatigue Sheets

26. Meaning on Retention list

27. Recall & Recognition cards

28. Retroactive Inhibition list

29. Zeigarnik effect test

30. Eysenck personality inventory

31. Multiphasic Questionnaire

32. Bell's Adjustment inventory

33. A General Test of Creativity

34. Bogardus social distance scale

35. Group Characteristics

1 Set    49,900.00  GST Extra

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